Buy online, pickup in store

Collect Anywhere

Offer in-store pickup in four weeks

Our mobile-optimised platform can power your Click & Collect solution, fulfilling from both your distribution centres and stores. From the ecommerce site to the in-store experience, our solution focuses on making it easy for both your customers and in-store staff. Designed for minimal integration, our secure cloud-based platform means your Click & Collect service can be up and running in less than four weeks.

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Ship from Store in-store fulfilment

Fulfil Anywhere

Using stores as mini distribution centres

Stock management has never been more important than in omni-channel retail operations. Streamline the amount of stock you need to hold centrally by enabling your stores to fulfil ecommerce orders, so you can expose all your inventory online and ship from store. This ensures your customers get the products they want as soon as possible, and you can minimise markdowns of excess stock.

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Return Anywhere

Buy anywhere, return in-store

Managing online returns in-store can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. The Fluent Retail Omni-channel Returns solution provides one platform for returns across all your channels, allowing fast processing in-store, integrated refunds and a user-friendly process. Having a customer-friendly returns process can make or break a customer’s brand loyalty, so we’ve built this to help you never lose a sale. 

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FLR168-Solutions-Icons-Order-Orchestration (2).png

Order Orchestration

Take control of your omni-channel business

Fluent Retials powerful new order orchestration will allow you take control of your omni-channel business without needing to request hard code system changes.

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